AAA-ICDR employees have the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves: the work of every staff member contributes to the public-spirited mission of the organization.

Volunteer Paid Time Off

The company supports individual volunteerism with paid time off—up to two days, or 15 hours annually--to participate. Staff projects have included meals for community kitchens and food pantries; backpacks for the Volunteers of America; toy distribution at children’s hospitals; bake sale for St. Jude’s Hospital, and blood drives.

Matching Funds

The AAA-ICDR matches employee donations to organizations helping survivors of designated natural disasters.

The AAA-ICDR Foundation®

The AAA–ICDR Foundation is a separate 501[c][3] not-for-profit organization that funds critical domestic and international projects. This effort fills acute needs in the ADR community by expanding the use of ADR, improving the process, increasing access to ADR for those who cannot afford it, and sharing knowledge across different cultures. Grants have included funding:

Mediators Beyond Borders; Prison of Peace Inmate Mediation Training; Association for Conflict Resolution Elder Justice Initiative; and Conflict De-Escalation Training for Police Officers.