This report is made available pursuant to state statutes such as California Code of Civil Procedure §1281.96, Maryland Commercial Law §§ 14-3901 to 3905, and New Jersey Statutes § 2A:23B-1 et seqThe information that is included in this website is based upon consumer cases filed after January 1, 2003, updated on a quarterly basis, as required by law. Further inquiries regarding this notice of the information in this section can be directed to the Statistics and In-House Research Department at 877.495.4185.

The AAA provides the provider organization report in spreadsheet format. Please note that each row of the spreadsheet does not equal one case; each row represents an instance of a consumer or employee bringing a claim against the identified business. Therefore, if two consumers brought claims against a single business in a single case filing (such as two homeowners filing a single case against the same builder), there would be two rows in the spreadsheet for that case. Similarly, if a consumer brought claims against two businesses (for example, when a consumer files a claim against both a car dealer and the manufacturer), that case would receive two rows in the spreadsheet. To assist in identifying rows that relate to a single case, we have included a "Case ID" column. Rows with the same "Case ID" are from the same case. The current data file (Q1 2024) contains 179,287 records (rows) from 174,218 cases.

Any "prevailing party" information contained with this website/document, has been provided solely by the arbitrator(s) to an arbitration. The AAA has not reviewed, investigated, or evaluated the accuracy or completeness of the arbitrator's/arbitrators' determination of the "prevailing party" and makes no representations regarding the accuracy or completeness of this information.

Searching the Report

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Report Legend

Non-Consumer Party - This is the business or employer involved in the dispute.

Type of Dispute - This is the general category of the dispute.  Note that "Consumer Pre-Case" indicates an incomplete request for arbitration in which the filing requirements have not been met.

Salary Range - This is the salary range of the employee involved in the case, as provided by the filing party.  This is reported only on employment cases.

Prevailing Party - If the arbitrator indicates a prevailing party in the award, that information is reflected here.  This is reported only on awarded cases.

Consumer Represented – This indicates whether consumer was represented by an attorney.

Name of Consumer's Attorney - For consumer arbitrations in Maryland only, if the consumer is represented by an attorney, this field will provide the name of the consumer's attorney.

Filing Date - This is the date the administrative case record was opened.

Disposition Date - This is the date the administrative case record closed.

Type of Disposition - This is the manner in which the case was closed. Dispositions include:

Awarded - A case in which the arbitrator was rendered a decision.

Settled - A case that was closed after the parties reached a mutual resolution of the dispute.

Withdrawn - A case in which the moving party withdrew its claim prior to resolution.

Amount of Claim - This is the monetary amount in dispute. 

Total Fee - This is the full amount of arbitrator's fees and expenses charged on the case.

Fee Allocation - This is the percentage of the Total Fee borne by the consumer and non-consumer parties.

Arbitrator - This is the name of the arbitrator appointed to the case. The date immediately to the right of the arbitrator's name is the date of the arbitrator's appointment to the case.

Appointment Date - This is the date that arbitrator was appointed.

Consumer Representative State - This lists the state of the consumer's representative.

Award Amount - This is the monetary amount awarded on the claim. This is reported only on awarded cases.

Other Relief Requested - If there is a non-monetary component to the claim, it is indicated here.