Choosing the right arbitrator or mediator is one of the most important decisions parties make in the dispute resolution process. Parties need arbitrators and mediators who understand the intricacies, vulnerabilities, and variances of their cases and industries. The AAA tailors its panels for these qualifications.

Expertise--knowledge, prowess, mastery, proficiency in a particular field—is crucial because of what is at stake. AAA panels are comprised of

  • accomplished attorneys with exceptional subject-matter expertise;
  • former federal and state judges; and
  • business owners who understand the essence of the dispute.

Not only do AAA panelists have expertise in focused topics of their disciplines, but they also are required to take ongoing education in the art and science of arbitration.

The use of arbitration and mediation has become a significant part of the justice system, and the AAA is cognizant that its arbitrators and mediators undertake serious responsibilities and ethical obligations to the public as well as to the parties.

Parties can be assured that stringent standards of ethics and experience are required by any member serving on the AAA National Roster of Arbitrators and Mediators.

Primary Panels of the AAA







Specialty Panels

Aerospace, Aviation, and National Security


Construction Mega Project

Cyber Security




Intellectual Property

Mergers and Acquisitions and Joint Ventures


Large Complex Cases

Pension/ERISA Arbitrators: What Attorneys Expect 
When disputes arise on a pension/ERISA matter, the parties need an arbitrator who understands their cases and industries' intricacies, vulnerabilities, and variances.  Expertise, knowledge, mastery, and proficiency in a particular field are crucial because of what is at stake. The attached PDF was developed based on recommendations provided by pension/ERISA attorneys.