Arbitrators & Mediators

The AAA National Roster of Arbitrators and Mediators

The use of arbitration and mediation has become a significant part of the justice system; the AAA is cognizant that its arbitrators and mediators therefore undertake serious responsibilities and ethical obligations to the public as well as to the parties.

Parties to cases using AAA arbitrators and mediators can be assured that stringent standards of ethics and experience must be met and maintained by any member serving on the AAA National Roster of Arbitrators and Mediators.

The AAA National Roster consists of highly accomplished and respected experts from the legal and business communities, including:

  • Former federal and state judges.
  • Attorneys with exceptional subject-matter expertise.
  • Business owners who understand the essence of the dispute

All are required to complete continuing educational programs and to focus on managing the dispute resolution process with fairness and skill, with an eye towards time- and cost-efficiency.

Each of the Commercial, Construction, Labor, Employment, and International panels has their own requirements. Specialty panels, including Aerospace, Aviation, and National Security; Construction Mega Project, Healthcare, Judicial, Master Mediator, and Large Cases, are curated with even more specialized criteria.

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