Multiple employment/workplace case filings are those cases where the Employment/Workplace Arbitration Fee Schedule applies and the American Arbitration Association® (AAA®) determines in its sole discretion that the following conditions are met:

  • Twenty-five (25) or more similar employment/workplace demands for arbitration or requests for mediation are filed against or on behalf of the same party or related parties; and where
  • Representation of the parties is consistent or coordinated across the cases.

Following is the process to file these types of claims: 

Complete a spreadsheet. (Click here for the spreadsheet.)
Sample data in the first two lines provide examples of the information required for each box. Please delete the sample data and populate the spreadsheet for all matters filed.

Use a unique identifier for individual Demands for Arbitration/Requests for Mediation
Save each Demand for Arbitration or Request for Mediation with a unique identifier as reflected on the spreadsheet. (See attached sample). For example, if the unique identifier on the spreadsheet is 1 then the demand for arbitration should be saved as and provided to the AAA as 1.pdf.  

Submit Demands for Arbitration/Requests for Mediation using a secure shared file link, such as Citrix ShareFile. Alternatively, you may request a secure shared file link from the AAA via email at

Create a separate list of all representatives/counsel
This includes all individuals involved for both Claimants and Respondent along with their email addresses and phone numbers. 

Send the completed Spreadsheet, secured file link, and cover email with the list of all representatives/counsel to with a copy to the opposing party.

Please contact us via email at or by phone at 1-888-774-6904.

Supplementary Rules for Multiple Case Filings

The American Arbitration Association® (AAA®) developed these Supplementary Rules for Multiple Case Filings (Supplementary Rules) to streamline the administration of large volume filings involving the same party, parties, and party representative(s), or related party, parties and party representative(s) for disputes where the Employment/Workplace Fee Schedule or the Consumer Fee Schedule apply. Parties to other types of arbitration may also opt into these Supplementary Rules. These Supplementary Rules, including Section MC-1(g), are intended to provide parties and their representatives with an efficient and economical path toward the resolution of multiple individual disputes.