Members of the AAA-ICDR’s Council and Board have a broad range of backgrounds, skills and experience, and also reflect significant diversity with regard to gender and ethnicity.  

In 2022, 71% of the voting members of the AAA-ICDR Council were diverse by gender or ethnicity

  • 51% of the voting Council Members were women
  • 34% of the voting Council Members were ethnically diverse
  • 39% of voting Council Members were Independent, 61% were Arbitrators and/or Mediators
  • 53% of the AAA Board of Directors were women or were ethnically diverse
  • The majority of AAA Directors were Independent, 10 out of 17
  • All members of the Audit Committee are Independent
  • All members of the Executive Compensation Committee are Independent

The AAA Audit Committee of the Board has an ESG Subcommittee to oversee ESG program. The Board also receives ESG updates at each quarterly meeting. 

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is overseen by the AAA’s General Counsel and the AAA’s Chief Financial Officer, reporting regularly to the Audit Committee.

The AAA has a Business Continuity Group and Disaster Recovery plans, including business continuity and disaster recovery training exercises.    

The AAA maintains a formal security and data privacy committee with senior management governance, including a senior level Information Security and Privacy Committee.

The AAA requires cybersecurity training for both the staff and for the Roster Members.

In 2021, the AAA offered an optional secure desktop service called CaseShield by AAA-ICDR™ to Roster members, as an aid to protecting confidential information.