The AAA-ICDR has a longstanding history of advancing important social issues, such as diversity and inclusion, pay equity, and access to the use of fair and impartial dispute resolution services. Following is information on our impact in 2021:

Access. The AAA-ICDR provided those in need with access to fair, effective, impartial and economical dispute resolution services:

  • Provided 21,477 fee waivers for hardship of parties at a value of $3,219,610.
  • Use of online settlement tool: 527
  • Parties and Advocates who recommend the AAA-ICDR: 83%
  • Free education program registrants: 7,711
  • Scholarships and complimentary registrations to education programs:  15

$2,615,200 in community investments, including

  • Donation to AAA-ICDR Foundation: $2,050,000
  • Pro bono/donation of services: $185,000
  • Matching Gift/Direct Donations: $275,000
  • ADR Events/Sponsorships: $73,500

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • 47% of panelists added to the AAA-ICDR Roster were diverse (gender, race, ethnicity) average panel list provided to parties was 30% diverse (gender, race, ethnicity)
  • AAA Higginbotham Fellows Program: 17 diverse professionals selected
  • Staff Diversity: 46% of AAA-ICDR employees self-identified as racially or ethnically diverse; 45% of employees at the management level self-identified as racially or ethnically diverse

HR Awards and Recognition.   

  • Non-Profit Times Best Places to Work
  • Crain’s New York Business 100 Best Places to Work in New York City
  • A.J. Gallagher Best in Class HR Management