Throughout our almost 100-year history, the American Arbitration Association® has been sought repeatedly to provide dispute resolution services for large groups of cases, whether stemming from major global events—catastrophic natural disasters or significant economic downturn—or from business transactions. All can have momentous impact on individuals, businesses, governments, and homeowners. 

Mass Arbitration

Mass arbitration has emerged as a way of resolving a large number of individual claims. The AAA® has been and continues to be a stalwart support for affected parties. 

Consider our work in multiple hurricane disaster-relief mediation programs, widespread mortgage foreclosure-dispute assistance for homeowners hit by “The Great Recession” fallout, and large-scale government settlements, such as the Automobile Industry Special Binding Arbitration Program.

Benefits of Utilizing the AAA in Mass Arbitrations

The AAA is uniquely positioned to handle the volume of mass arbitration filings efficiently and economically.

  • The AAA is a not-for-profit, public-service organization.
  • AAA’s experience in handling large volumes of disputes spans natural disasters and environmental issues to business matters, including mortgage foreclosures, corporate bankruptcies, and class actions.
  • Expert arbitrators and mediators are held to stringent qualifications.
  • Special Mass Arbitration Supplementary Rules were developed specifically to streamline the administration of large volume filings involving the same or related party, parties, and party representatives. 
  • Technology-focused approach to case management.
  • Experts in dispute resolution are assigned to administer each Mass Arbitration and will work collaboratively with the parties to curate a process that best supports their needs to resolve disputes in the most effective, cost-efficient and timely manner possible.

Note on bellwether provisions: The enforceability of bellwether provisions is an evolving area of the law, and the AAA takes no position on these provisions or their enforceability.

Mass Arbitration Supplementary Rules

The American Arbitration Association’s (AAA) Supplementary Rules for Multiple Case Filings have been renamed the Mass Arbitration Supplementary Rules. This change reflects the evolving nature of arbitration proceedings and acknowledges that the term “mass arbitration” has been widely used to describe these types of case filings. The renaming signifies the AAA's commitment to addressing the unique challenges and complexities associated with handling mass arbitrations and demonstrates the organization's dedication to staying current and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of alternative dispute resolution.

For frequently asked questions concerning our most recent Supplementary Rules Updates, please view our FAQ

Application Program Interface (API) Services for Mass Arbitrations

The American Arbitration Association is pleased to introduce API Services designed specifically for parties involved in Mass Arbitrations. APIs offer parties the ability to simplify the case-filing process, expedite document exchanges, and easily track hearing dates and fee payments, among other advantages. Embracing APIs enables parties to significantly streamline and enhance the efficiency of their Mass Arbitration proceedings, resulting in both reduced time and cost. To learn more about the AAA’s API services, please click here.

Consumer Mass Arbitration

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Employment Mass Arbitration

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Non-Consumer and Non-Employment/Workplace Mass Arbitration

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