Mediation—an informal negotiation assisted by an impartial third party (the mediator) that encourages disputing parties to craft their own solutions—enhances the likelihood of continuing the business relationship. Mediation procedures are included in all of the major AAA arbitration rules, either as an option to arbitration or as a step prior to arbitration.

Vetted National Roster of Mediators

The AAA National Roster of Mediators comprises distinguished judges as well as leaders in the legal and business communities who are required to adhere to the AAA Mediators Model Standards of Conduct developed by the AAA, the American Bar Association (ABA), and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

The Mediator Panel is especially experienced in handling mediations with large-claim disputes.

AAA Claims Programs

The AAA has been selected to administer high-profile, large-volume mediation claims programs, including disaster recovery and Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation.


AAA, an additional resource provided by the AAA, is a comprehensive resource for organizations, attorneys, and parties seeking a mediator.

AAA maintains a searchable database of mediators so any party can directly contact the mediator and schedule the mediation or alternatively utilize a Mediation Case Manager to handle the administrative aspects of the mediation.

Mediators can provide their credentials to be considered for inclusion in the database and can register for intensive training in various aspects of mediation.

Los Angeles Court Mediation

The American Arbitration Association is on the Superior Court of California, County of
Los Angeles Civil Mediation Resource List. We will assist the parties in appointing a mediator for their case.