The AAA® offers parties to consumer arbitration cases an opportunity to engage in online settlement negotiations to resolve their disputes themselves. The Online Settlement Tool provides parties with a dedicated space to submit, review, respond to, and track settlement negotiations throughout the case. Please note the tool is only available on cases with two parties. 

How does the Online Settlement Tool work? 

The tool provides parties with the ability to submit offers and respond to offers online. Offers and counteroffers may be itemized or submitted as a lump sum. The tool includes a comments section that allows parties to provide an explanation, conditions, and additional terms, as well as the option to attach settlement-related documents.
Parties receive notice by email of any offers, counteroffers, acceptance of offers, and rejection of offers. Online negotiations are between the parties, so neither the arbitrator nor the AAA views the communications. If the parties reach a resolution through the tool, the AAA case administrator will automatically receive notice of the agreement and will contact the parties shortly thereafter. 

In addition, the tool allows parties to track settlement negotiations throughout the life of the case: the View Offer History feature provides parties with access to an organized and detailed history of negotiations for each case. 

Where can I access the Online Settlement Tool? 

The tool is available online through AAA WebFile®. If you have an active or previously filed case with the AAA, please contact your case administrator or AAA Customer Service at 800.778.7879 for assistance with setting up an account. Otherwise, you may create an account by clicking “Register” at the top of this page.

After logging into AAA WebFile, you may use the following guide for step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool: Online Settlement Guide.

Please see Online Settlement Tool FAQ for additional information on the Online Settlement Tool.