Experienced AAA election experts provide impartial, accurate, cost-effective, and timely election administration to public and private organizations, from ballot preparation to tabulation and results certification (which is produced within 24 hours). The AAA oversees approximately 250 elections per year.

For more information, please contact Ken Egger, Hiro Kawahara, or click here to send an email:

  • Ken Egger (National Vice President of Elections, Philadelphia, PA): 215-731-2281.
  • Hiro Kawahara (Director of Elections, New York, NY): 212-484-4136
AAA Results Stand Up to Challenge

Because the AAA is not for profit and neutral, organizations can avoid any perception of conflict, bias, or personal interest. With a long tradition of security, transparency, compliance, and accountability throughout the elections process, the AAA will not administer any election unless acceptable standards of fairness have been fully established.

AAA election procedures comply with local union by-laws and meet the strict election standards outlined by the U.S. Department of Labor. The AAA manages all reviews, investigations, or challenges to the proceedings.

Wide Range of Election Programs

Clients include labor unions, guilds, corporations, not-for-profit entities, credit unions, co-operative and condominium associations, universities and educational organizations, and federal, state, and local governments.

Programs include:

  • Officer elections
  • Contract ratifications
  • Representation elections
  • Dues referenda
  • Bylaw amendments
  • Affiliations
  • Mergers
  • Employee card checks
  • Proxy elections
  • Delegate elections
  • International elections
Voting Processes for All Needs

Mail Ballot Voting

The AAA offers inventive ballot designs and skilled management of the entire mail balloting process. With nationwide mail balloting capabilities, voter participation is maximized whether the organization is local or comprises branches across the country.

Image Scanning

New AAA technology processes on average 12,000 documents per hour, saving days over traditional administration time.

On-Site, Touch-Screen Voting

The AAA provides state-of-the-art touch-screen voting system is easy to use and accurate, providing immediate election results quickly and fairly.

Telephone and Internet Voting

The AAA provides Internet Voting System and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone voting make voting simple, convenient, accessible, and secure for very large numbers of constituents. Click Here for Online Elections Overview.

Membership Surveys

Opinions and statistics from members, customers, and employees are critical to the continuing viability of an organization. The AAA provides customized, anonymous Internet, telephone, and mail surveys to unions, member organizations, and other institutions. Surveys are customized to capture the information vital to an individual organization’s goals, objectives, and concerns, and results are tabulated and analyzed.