The AAA-ICDR has secure portals for parties to manage all aspects of their case-related files and for panelists to manage their cases and panel-related information. Addressing the beginning of the dispute resolution process, the organization offers ClauseBuilder®, an online tool to assist individuals and organizations in developing clear and effective arbitration and mediation agreements.

CaseShield by AAA-ICDR

CaseShield by AAA-ICDRSM, is a virtual desktop solution providing arbitrators and mediators with a uniform, secure and easy-to-use environment to manage their cases.

Subscribers can access CaseShield by AAA-ICDR anytime and anywhere, on any device and browser, via a secure internet connection. Click here to learn more.

AAA WebFile®

With AAA WebFile, parties to AAA or ICDR cases can manage all aspects of their cases securely, from the initial filing of a case and additional claims or counterclaims on existing cases; to case-related financial functions; and uploading, downloading, and viewing case documents and creating case-specific tasks. Parties may view panelist resumes online and rank them for selection. Through AAA WebFile, summary case information and the calendar of case events is available, and parties can generate a list of all contacts for a case.

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Panelist eCenter®

The Panelist eCenter functions for the panelist much as AAA WebFile does for parties. Panelists can manage their cases online—perform case-related financial functions; submit and track requests for payment and deposits; upload, download, and view case documents; and create and complete case-specific tasks, including the online oath (the disclosure process that a panelist must complete upon being inviting to serve on a case). Panelists have access to summary case information and the calendar of case events and can generate a list of all contacts for a case. 

Panel-specific elements enabled by Panelist eCenter include managing one’s resume, compensation rate, photo, and payment of the annual panel fee. Resources specific to panelists reside here, such as the Sedona Principles on electronically stored information (ESI), the Award Checklist, the ACE (Arbitrator Continuing Education) requirements, and news. 

ClauseBuilder Tool

An effective dispute resolution process starts with a well-constructed dispute resolution clause. ClauseBuilder guides parties through the options available to customize the clause (arbitration, mediation, or arbitration-mediation) for commercial, construction, employment, international, and healthcare cases. Options include—among others--the number and selection method of arbitrators; scope of information exchange, including eDiscovery options; hearing locale or place of arbitration; documents-only proceedings; form of award and assessment of costs; and availability of an appellate step. 

View how to create a custom clause with the ClauseBuilder tool.