When parties file a case with the AAA-ICDR®, they get access to an array of valuable support services to help resolve the dispute.

Deposition and Hearing Services

AI-Powered Transcription
Digital transcripts of depositions and hearings are produced via state of the art technology—99% accurate, less than half the cost of traditional in-person stenography, and human-checked for accuracy, and acceptable under AAA-ICDR rules. Learn more 

Virtual/Hybrid Hearing Hosting and Support
Virtual hosts handle everything from set-up to live-event monitoring professionally and with advanced technology. Exhibit management is available upon request for an additional fee. Learn more here.

Traditional Stenographic Court Reporting
Parties can reserve knowledgeable, certified court reporters for in-person, virtual, or hybrid depositions and proceedings; real-time and next-day delivery are available. Services are offered worldwide. Learn more here. 

Additional Services

On-Demand Interpreters
Fully accredited in-person or virtual interpreters can provide simultaneous or consecutive interpreting. Dial-in to selected language channels is available to participants of the proceeding. Learn more

Electronic Presentation of Evidence: For Complex and High-Stakes Disputes
Present compelling evidence with clarity enlarge, highlight and transmit in real-time with professional document technicians. Learn more

Document Translation
Specialized linguists cover a full range of complex material, including patent/intellectual property (IP), medical/life sciences, engineering, and more. Learn more 

Worldwide Concierge 
Most major AAA-ICDR locations are modern facilities equipped with premium audio and video capabilities to accommodate hybrid or in-person events or hearings. If needed, concierge service managers will provide assistance locating and booking domestic and international conference rooms. Learn more

Service Partner Optima Juris  
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