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AAA WebFile® and Panelist eCenter® have been redesigned to improve your experience. A full list of functionality is below.  
We recommend the following tips in order to have the best experience:

  • To navigate around, click on the left menu items or buttons within the applications; do not use the back button on your browser.
  • If you click on a link or icon and expect to see a document but don't, check the pop-up blocker on your browser.
  • To zoom in on a screen, click CTRL + keys on your keyboard; CTRL - will zoom out; CTRL 0 will restore the screen to 100% view.
  • AAA WebFile and Panelist eCenter are not optimized for use on mobile devices or tablets.

What’s New in both AAA WebFile and Panelist eCenter:

  • All of your AAA cases in one (secure) place
  • Improved layout and navigation
  • Collapsible sidebar Menu for ease of navigation and expanded view of the screen
  • Pending tasks and new documents flagged in My Cases screen
  • Ability to search and sort cases in multiple ways
  • Additional Search opens drop-down menus as another case search option
  • Next Event featured in My Cases screen
  • All pertinent case information on a single screen
  • Upcoming (next) event featured on the Case Information tab
  • Email AAA contact directly from the screen
  • Hyperlink to Applicable Rules for the case
  • Ability to download/print a contact list of all case participants
  • Search and sort documents in multiple ways
  • New “Show Me” search menu option which groups documents by categories such as Panelist Documents, Events and Scheduling Notices, Claim Documents, Briefs, and Motions, Awards and Orders
  • Ability to print a spreadsheet list of all documents
  • Ability to flag single or multiple documents for yourself
  • Ability to “Create a Task” for yourself on a case, such as helpful reminders
  • View all pending tasks for all cases in one screen

Also, in AAA WebFile

  • Ability to merge frequently used forms that automatically incorporate the case caption, representative information,
    arbitrator information, etc.
  • Simplified filing of new cases within AAA WebFile
  • Easily file a new claim or Answer/Counterclaim on an existing case
  • Simplified ranking of panelist lists and the ability to view panelist videos (if applicable)
  • Pay an invoice from My Cases screen, View All Invoices or the Finance tab within a case

Also, in Panelist eCenter:

  • Ability to switch the view from Panelist to Party Advocate (i.e., AAA WebFile view) with one click
  • Notification if Annual Panel Requirements have been satisfied on Home screen and ability to view details
  • Featured messaging in “What you need to know”
  • Option to Submit an Invoice by entering details online OR by entering a total amount and uploading firm invoice
  • Detailed invoice document created (and appears in Documents Tab) when panelist enters details online
  • The Wizard walks panelist through steps to enter a payment request
  • History of all payment requests and status displayed in the Finance tab
  • The Panelist may submit payment requests from several screens Homepage, My Cases page, Finance Tab at case level)
  • Resume updates now wrap text in the text box and keep track of the character count
  • Resume updates now take effect immediately

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